Important information about the stand allocation

The DGU stand spaces are allocated by a lottery system. This system is intended to make the allocation transparent for everyone.

The stand allocation will take place during the industry meeting on March 8, 2022. 08.03.2022 stattfinden, die Verlosung wird ab ca. 13:30 Uhr stattfinden.

The exact procedure is as follows:

Zum Losverfahren zugelassen sind all diejenigen Firmen, die uns bis zum 25. Februar 2022 eine verbindliche Zusage für eine Gesamtunterstützung von € 50.000 und mehr gegeben haben.

The following are taken into account

  • Booked net square meter
  • Satellite Symposia
  • Other sponsoring services booked and invoiced via Interplan

The companies that meet this criterion will receive a grid plan of the exhibition hall in advance and will then be divided into three groups:

  • Group 1: 100,000 € and more
  • Group 2: €75,000 - €99,999.99
  • Group 3: €50,000 - €74,999.99

These three groups will be informed about their group prior to the industry meeting and can start thinking about possible booth spaces based on the grid plan.

Die Standplatzvergabe wird vor Ort, sowie online  – via Live-Stream – stattfinden, so dass Firmenvertreter, die nicht vor Ort sein können, Ihren Standplatz dennoch wählen können.

Starting with group 1, the order in which the companies select their stand space will be drawn by lot within this group at the Industry Meeting. An authorized employee of each company will select his or her desired space, taking into account the overall concept and the available spaces.

For this purpose, the desired stand area is drawn into the grid plan. This selection is binding. If the selection takes longer than about 7 minutes, the selection process will be interrupted and this company will continue its stand selection after all companies eligible for the draw. All companies will receive a signed confirmation with the drawn stand location still on site.

After the drawing of the first group draws the second on the same principle, and then analogously the third group.

All other companies will be placed following the lottery on a first come - first served basis.

Taking photos of the grid plan on site is not allowed. After the final drawing, the plan will be sent to everyone about 2 weeks after the meeting.

The stand allocation process has a major advantage for all exhibitors: The final allocation can take place much faster than usual. This shortens the process considerably and thus creates early planning security for all involved.

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